Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

At the first meeting of the local St. Louis Beer Club a few weeks ago, the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye was one that was sampled. It didn't get off to a great start...
The label write-up was silly, though that shouldn't influence the taste we had a bit of a bias. From what I remember, we weren't too impressed (it's not a bad beer, we just had better that night). We didn't even take notes so I can't give an accurate review. If you want a review we'll have to sample it again, sorry.

We got the idea to sample the Hop Rod Rye because it appeared high on both Beeradvocate and Ratebeer's best beer list AND we couldn't find the Bear Republic that was HIGHER on the list than Hop Rod Rye.

enjoy and respect beer


  1. I don't remember anything specific either. That isn't a good thing. I do remember thinking that it didn't taste like rye. i know this is sounding like a theme so far, and i promise it will change soon, but i don't like rye. In fact, it is one of my least favorite bread choices. So, i was apprehensive when trying it. I was relieved when it didn't make me sick, and i was disapointed when i was disapointed. I am truly surprised that it made it on the list and of the 10 or so beers we tried, i would rate it about next to last. The belgian ale was much better and it had a displeasing sourness--more than a typical belgian. I didn't make a review of this because i didn't want to be a downer, but there is my two cents worth. Hamster, if you have the money, i suggest you drop it on any of the others in our current list.

  2. multiple tastings in a single sitting are fun, but they are not trustworthy. especially when dealing with hoppy beers. the bitterness, as well as the overly conflicting flavor profiles of various hop varieties, can utterly destroy the palate. all beers tasted in a multiple beer succession - unless they taste like piss - should always be checked for a second solitary tasting.

    with that said, i firmly believe that hop rod rye did not stand out to you because it is humungously hoppy and ryeistic. in fact, this is the single best beer i've tasted in the past 18 months since moving to texas. however, the flavors here are delicate, very floral, very citrusy, heap up on the edges by a harshly bitter rye flavor that squeals out malty biscuit abuse. i can see how certain intricacies in this ale could easily be overshadowed by something as simply as a french fry or a potato chip.

    hop rod rye is a delicate, solitary ale. since it's only sold in 22 ounce bombers, consider this a good friend beer. split this at with a padre as the toast to a good evening ahead - THEN move on to other beers. i guarantee you'll come up for air singing the praises of this ale.

  3. baker - of the ten beers you have listed to the side, even confessing ignorance of the goose island bourbon county stout and the three floyds alpha king, i am still placing hop rod rye at the top of your list. i just am. it blows the feces off of mendocino ipa, as well as anything by the atrocities out of dogfishhead. i love you, and your beer, but i'm just saying.

  4. We're not pros here. We're no late Michael Jackson by any means. We're a club that samples beer. We rinse the glass and eat saltines between beers.

  5. I will give the rod another try at a later time, because i agree with you about how your palate changes. However, very rarely have i changed my mind when retrying a beer i have previously disliked.

    We only had the 60 minute ipa, and i don't really know what you mean by atrocities. I liked it. It wasn't huge, but they have a 120 minute ipa so,... i actually look forward to trying other stuff by them, and by the way, they are on top rated beer lists again and again--much more than our precious bell's.

    This is how i would have rated the beers:

    Alpha King
    bourban county brand ale
    Dogfishhead ipa
    Augusta Ipa
    founders IPa
    Reserve matilda
    Sam smith ale
    mendocino ipa
    hop rod good-bye
    Belhaven too heavy
    Schlafly "i would have enjoyed even the hefewiesen better" coffee nonsense.

    i can't give a top spot to a beer i can have less than one of at a time. the alpha king is one of my new favorite beers. i am really jonesing for more three floyds. matilda was one of if not the best american beligian i've had but as i said before belgian's aren't my bag. Belhaven tasted scotchy but not in a great way , and the coffee stout is probably good but not to someone who hates coffee.

    maybe i did't like the rod because i don't like rye and even though i don't remember tasting it, maybe some bled through and tainted it for me, who knows. For you, Hamster, i will try one anew without anything consumed before. if my list changes, i'll let you know.

  6. brocktoberfest - good note on not top-spotting beers that require solitary consumption. that may be why i love the miller lite and PBR so much. just keep them lovelies coming.

  7. baker- I hate to be annoying but it's BOURBON COUNTY STOUT. I've checked it several times.

  8. church key, don't be an ass.
    this is the UK spelling of bourbon, where it originated ok?

    don't check me on that.

  9. baker- STOUT...STOUT not an ale
    I'm doing being an ass.

  10. crap, you got me, it is a stout.

    stout's are clear right?