Friday, May 7, 2010


(i listened to blink-182 while sipping this beer and writing this review. so here's your built in reading soundtrack)

for some reason i drink a lot of michelob ultra. and, for some other reason, i don't seem to mind. several men in my community simply love the michelob ultra, and, nine times out of ten, when i'm offered a beer at a friend's house, the beer that lands in my hand is a michelob ultra. fine. i've got no problem with that. there may have been a time when i talked bull-honkus on the michelob ultra, but i don't anymore.

the truth of the matter is that michelob ultra is not a bad tasting light beer. it's simple. refreshing. bubbly as the BFG's frobscottle. and you can easily kick back several ultras and never think anything about it the next morning. the alcohol is low. the flavor is smooth. and the belch factor is so unladylike.

i like to think of michelob ultras as sparkling water with a little beer flavor hinted in the background. i would never personally buy michelob ultra, but i welcome a bottle (or four) when offered.

but this here beer is no normal michelob ultra. this beer here has lime cactus in it. and this lime cactus is lovely. simply lovely.

just when i thought that michelob ultra was refreshing, this michelob ultra with lime cactus is ultra refreshment times enormity. no joke: i would stock my fridge with this stuff. this is the perfect ultra hot day, sweaty t-shirt, post yard labor or tiger sex kinda beer. down this after any number of demanding deeds, and you'll love your body more than you did before you opened the bottle.

there's not much else to say about michelob ultra with lime cactus. i can't imagine it pairing well with food or backgammon or a zombie flick, but i'd drink it if i was hot. hell, i'd drink three of these if i was hot. this beer is a good reason to mow somebody's lawn.


  1. the wife just suggested that this michelob ultra with lime cactus would be good with chips and salsa. i think she's right, especially if the salsa has lime and cilantro in the mix. shit. i'm beginning to like cilantro.

  2. Give in. Sometimes, I just want to rub cilantro in my beard so I smell it all day long.


  4. Haha! I love your beer blogs! My mouth waters every time! And yes, my friend, a Michelob Ultra is what landed in your hand at my casa a few weeks ago! Btw, thanks for the Shiner post card--made my day! Love to you and LaTonya!


  5. Here's one for you: the Blue Moon variety pack. Riley bought us the 12 pack, and in my head I was thinking, "a Budweiser beer?". But man, they are tasty. I can do without Blue Moon, but the others in there are light, drinkable, and kinda nice with grilled cheese.

  6. the wife and i bought some of these michelob ultras with lime cactus tonight. she likes them. that's a good sign. gateway beer and all.

    angela craig - them were some good times. to be repeated. we had a blast on beacon street. glad you liked the postcard. expect more.

  7. myles - give me an actual review of one of them bottles and i'll post it.