Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day, a good day to post.

This is Baker here. Behind me is The Prescription and Church Key. Tim will be along soon. I am here to discuss our current situation. I am three beers deep into our mini-keg of the Two Hearted Ale. This beast is so much different than our of the bottles. It is sweeter and creamier and much smoother. Still great, of course, but actually better than i've ever had it. And yes, i thought that even after the first beer.

In the fridge we also have Schlafly's Extra Irish stout ( we are in St. Louis), Moose drool, and New Belgium's new Ranger IPA boasting 70 IBU's. It is very good also, and seems like they were trying to mimic Boulevard's Single and double wide ipa's. Last and least, is Church Key and my new Pale Ale--the first of hopefully many.

In typical style, we opted for a Mr. Beer kit first, but now that we understand the process, we can do the real thing. I think we may go for a Imperial Stout next from a friend's recipe. Nate is currently dancing with The Prescription's 15 month old son. He was invited to the festivities.
Church Key will be having a new son soon, and The Baker will be in DC soon and have many new beers to post about. Praise be to new beers!