Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sometimes the best beer is Budweiser - or Miller Lite if your a Hamster

The past few days I have been breaking my back under the hot sun shoveling dirt and stacking bricks. I'm working on some landscaping. When I moved into my house a few years ago, the front yard was a blank canvas. I could do anything I wanted...from scratch. This year I'm doing something. I'm building a retaining wall that will remain level despite the slope of the earth. So one end is two blocks high, the other end is 7 blocks high. Follow me. I unloaded a 126 blocks (with help) from a truck to my garage. I had a truck load of dirt dumped in the middle of my street. I shoveled and lugged 9 cu. yards of garden mix dirt from my street to the final destination. I had too much dirt. So I found other places for the dirt (prior to having the dirt delivered I removed the top layer of earth and used the sod to build up the slop in the back of my house). Then I started to build the wall. Today I got 1/4 of the wall built.

After I unloaded the bricks, Baker and I had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It was great. Hit the spot. Wonderful flavor.
Today after working on the wall, I had a Bud. Even better.

If I'm working in the sun doing some good ol' manual labor, I need a Bud. If I'm looking for something to drink after a long day at the office I need an IPA.

Sorry, this was rushed. The wife was telling me that it was her turn to get on the computer.
It made sense in my head. I had it all planned out until she came along.
I'll do better next time.

Do you agree? Bud in the sun?


  1. some kind of mexican beer in the sun...preferably modelo.

  2. actually it was a boulevard pale ale, but whatever.

  3. prescription - make it pacifico and i'll empty the cooler with you.

    baker - why you gotta be a hater?

    church - yes. yes. yes. and more yes. i run into a bunch of folks who think that being a beer lover means that you crunch down only on the craft stuff and you always boo on the domestic lagers. not true. being a beer lover means that you've invested your palate into learning the best possible beer for each and every occasion. such as post-yardwork (bud, miller lite, even those michelob ultras with the fruit flavors, PBR, a good blonde ale) or after a long day at the office (pale ale, IPA, possibly a sturdy and spicy hefeweizen if you're hitting the porch). yes'r, such is the love of the brew.

    and i've noticed, the older and older i become, that nothing beats a stupid cold bottle of bud on a hot day. i don't want to curl up with a bud and book or a bud and spook flick, but i do want to quench my sunbeatened brow with it from time to time. praise God for bud. and praise God for saint louis, missouri.

    this was a great post.

  4. i'm not gonna be picky...make it a pacifico el hamstero!