Thursday, July 16, 2009



later tonight ben's gonna call me and i'm gonna ride with him to return some machine that he had to rent to get some work done. he's had a long day of manual labor, doing things i don't know how to do. i've had a long day of mental labor, teaching folks he just plain don't know. so we're gonna ride on down there and get that machine returned so ben don't have to look at it no more. and then we're gonna stop at that beverage place and pick up a couple-three bottles of whatever they got for cheap. we'll make some conversation with the selling people and then head on back to the house. that's where we'll pour the suds and commence to the conversating. it'll get magical about right there, what with suds and conversating and long days behind us. and we'll have some time there together that would look completely inconsequential to passerbys and bystanders, but we'll know that them moments are meant to be taken to the grave and beyond. and that's why we do it. 

let's try to get that going on together soon, alright?


  1. Well, shiiiiiiiiit

  2. YES and it was gooood indeed. Any one on one time with such Hamsterian quality is bound to produce filiferous and filigreed emotional flights. The steam engine lager, the pyramid Hefeweizen, the Boulevard Lunar Ale, and to finish... miller lite- it all added up to a fine night indeed. Shoulda been there.