Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home Brewin

A few weeks ago, The Baker and I visited the St. Louis Brews, a home brewing club. It was awesome.
There were about 80 men there, 12 guests. We each paid $3 and were able to sample 10 different home brews (about a 3 oz. sample of each) and eat plenty of delicious snacks from Costco. Everybody sampled the same batch at the same time, made comments, and then heard from the brewer. THIS is beer club. These guys knew their stuff, the styles, what to look for, smell for, and taste. They could predict how long the brewer did this or at what temperature he did that. Amazing. All the announcements were about beer, brewing competitions, beer parties. They had raffles with brewing supplies as the prize.
And because I love and appreciate the art of beer, I have decided to start brewing my own beer, too. The Baker has already purchased a Mr. Beer kit (kind of a weenie way to start but at least he's got a start). I'm still shopping around (aka, waiting on the thumbs up from the wife).
Wish me luck

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