Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2

I actually have nothing to say about the Crocodile Dundee movies. I DO have something to say about Dundee Pale Ale.
One afternoon on my way home from work, the wife calls and asks if I can go pay for a dollhouse that she just bought from a lady on Craigslist. "Asks" is not the right word, more like "...I need you to..."
Anywho, the dollhouse is $18 and I have to pay in exact change. The wife suggests going to a gas station to buy a pack of gum and get cash back, then break the 20. On my way to a gas station I see a Dirt Cheap Liquor store. This sounds better to me than a gas station. I look around the store, most of the brew I've had before or know of a guy who had tried it before, or I could guess by the name and packaging exactly what it would taste like. I saw Dundee Pale Ale, never tried that. Nervously I picked it up. Unfortunately the store didn't do the ole cash back game but I still bought the beer.
Later that night when things had calmed down I read some reviews on BeerAdvocate about this Pale Ale. The highest rating was B-. Ouch. Most reviews pointed out that though the package says "Be Hoppy", the hops were quite minimal.
I took a deep breath and cracked one open. It's a Pale Ale. What more can I say. It wasn't horrible. I've had worse but it wasn't THE BEST BEER EVER! But what is?
$5.73 (w/tax) for a 6er of Pale Ale, I like it. When I'm feeling like drinking more than a PBR or Bud but don't want to pay $10 for O'Dells, Dundee will be an option.

I did eventually get the $18 to buy the dollhouse, in case you were wondering.


  1. delightful story. i like the tag at the end because i really was wondering if you ever got around to helping the wife out.

    dundee's is trying to get real fancy these days. they got a whole new line of stuff just staring out desperately from the cooler. thanks for the note on this. i've avoided this like the plague, but i'm a bit interested now.

    the last time i had HONEY BROWN was out of necessity for manners towards the server. then i realized, while i do not like the HONEY BROWN, it was nearly as bad as i had remembered. a nice little brew for those with delicate pallets.

  2. Baker came over this afternoon. We used my saber saw to cut three 4 1/2 inch circles into some particle board. It's some washer game that Baker taught me. Three holes in a line, the hole closest is 1 point, the next is 3 points, and the last hole is 5 points. The object is to get exactly 21 points. It was a fun game. The weather was amazing. I snuck down to the beer fridge and pulled out a couple Dundee Pale Ale. Baker was impressed. He had low expectations. It was a good imitation of the perfect beer for that kind of activity in that kind of weather.

  3. i fully agree.
    the weather was perfect, the host was handsome, the beer was better than anticipated, the washer game was a charm,
    and i had a great time.

  4. Good to know about the Dundee, even if it's exactly what I would have thought. I think I throw Dundee into the Michelob camp. I think they at least put out enough effort to give the illusion of trying to appease the craft brew crowd. But for some reason, their commercialism always taints it. This isn't to say that the Michelob "micros" are bad. They're not. They just aren't worth telling your friends about. Enjoyable post!