Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something New

I was recently delivered a sampler pack from a brewery called New Glarus out of Wisconsin. I know next to nothing about them. I have 4 different beers to test; two wheats and two ales.

I will be posting soon my thoughts on all four.

Also, give it up for The Church Key turning 45 yesterday.



  1. I'm confused in my old age; it looks like you have TWO types of beers to test, a wheat and an ale. Unless the wheats are two different wheats and the ales are two different ales.
    Did you take the pic? If so, what about the other two?

  2. yes. there are two different wheats and two ales, i think one is a nut brown ale.
    i have only tasted two so far and when i get the other two under my belt, literally, i will post. the one i liked most so far says it is a hybrid of sorts--a hefeweisen and american pale ale all mixed up. it was good.
    more to come.


  3. what about the fact - the "fact" - that wheats are still ales? how many do you have to report now, sucka?