Thursday, October 15, 2009

Unplugged fridge

In my basement I have MY fridge, a dorm size fridge for my beers and chilled mugs. The past few months I've noticed that there was not much happening with the fridge -a few Buds, a Sam Adams, and some Schlafly. Now it's just 3 Buds (actually 2, 1 was used for a BBQ marinade last Saturday). In an effort to conserve energy...I unplugged the beer fridge. When spring arrives with all the parties I'll plug her back up. It seemed to be a waste of cool air, all those nice frosty mugs and only 2 beers. I knew I wouldn't be buying more on a regular basis to justify the beer fridge. It was a hard decision.

1 comment:

  1. What the hell is happening to us! Damn.
    I haven't been drinking much either. But, i do have something to post soon as i have taken two trips recently. One to DC, and one to Asheville, NC. I had a pint or two worth mentioning.