Friday, October 30, 2009

Wild Game in a Bottle

Is it a Duck or is it a Rabbit? I guess it depends on what mood you are in, or maybe what you are eating for dinner. I was having neither, but instead layed on a hard bed in a cheap hotel room in Asheville, NC. Duck-Rabbit brewing co. sits comfortably nestled in the Smoky Mountains in Farmville, NC.

I had never had anything from this brewery nor had i heard of them. But, that's the great thing about traveling--getting to try new things. The label is intriguing in its own right with the long standing picture that looks like both a rabbit and a duck, depending on how you look at it. This particular one is a Milk Stout, and the lable boasts that they are the dark beer specialists. Some research revealed that they only brew dark beers...amber ales, brown ales, porters and stouts.

A full glass is coal black and has a very light aroma of cream and sugar. This is a very rich and sweet stout. It is very similar to the Left Hand Milk Stout, but is a bit heavier and the flavor lasts longer. This beer tastes like blended up roasted nuts, malt, and chocolate. If it could be a solid, it would be a batch of brownies.

I enjoyed this enough to grab a sixer to take home. I am finishing the last of them right now. I consider it my afternoon snack which puts it into a particular category of beers for me. Just yesterday i had a Founder's Porter which i would consider in the same genereal league.

Is this beer good or very good? I suppose it depends on how you look at it.


  1. great review here. indeed, there has been too little beer talk among us.

    this was a great find. i love hearing about these new, rare jewels that no one has ever heard of. agreed, such is one of the glories of traveling.

    a friend here in town just showed me a wonderful little secret about our town. there is a family owned bait shop on the edge of town, a little business run in a little shack practically in these folks front yard. when you walk into the shack, you certainly see worms and fishing tackle and all manner of nasty little gigglies to stick on a hook. but if you walk in the shack and turn to your left, you will find an entire wall of GOOD beer. stuff from flying dog and stone and sierra nevada. sure, they have a whole section of domestics, but you almost have to. the owner said that they change out their beer selection nearly every week. once a case of old rasputin russian imperial stout goes out the door, it has be replaced by something. and that unknown something is what will keep me walking through that bait shop door.

  2. Layed on a hard mattress in a cheap hotel? Were you trying to tell us something?