Friday, January 30, 2009

Alpha is King

This ale is beautiful. I just wanted to throw this up and i will make some more remarks tonight. This is now one of my favorite pale ales. If the three floyds were named curly, larry, and moe; i would want to drink some mo floyd. some mo' floyd people.

i just want to say "shemp" here at the end just in case anyone wants to try to be funnier than me by bringing him up.


  1. so the alpha king.

    i want to say we had this fourth.
    we had hop rod rye just before it.
    i had this on tap in chicago the weekend before our meeting and brought it back with me. this pale ale is very hard to explain. There is a lot going on but it is difficult for me to dissect it. It tastes very hoppy like an IPA which is the first reason i love it. But, it also has several other flavors which make it complex. what they are, though, i haven't figured out yet. They are not super sweet but have a distinctness that make it so different from other pale ales i've had in the past year. Someone help me here, church key, coy bell--i mean more hops man, someone needs to back me up here.
    i am serious about checking out their other stuff. three floyds is from Munster, Indiana and i can't get it in st. louis, so i'll have to cross the illinois border to try to get some more. anybody had this stuff or anything by this brewery???

  2. I had another review of Alpha King and I agree that this is a well constructed Pale Ale. It's pushing the line - loaded with hops but not quite enough to make the trip to India. It has a pleasant berry smell. The spice meets the tongue towards the back of the taste (in between mid and aftertaste).
    I'm impressed with 3 Floyds. I have a Scotch Ale that I can't wait to crack open.