Friday, January 30, 2009

It's all I got...

I had a Leinenkugel Fireside Nut Brown Ale tonight (left over from the Beer Club's 1st annual beer exchange) I had it because I didn't have anything else. I avoided it as long as I could.
So, here goes...
Dark dark amber
lingers on the tongue
lotta carbonation
nutmeg/all spice/pumpkin/cinnamon (all a blur)
a sweet beer
never again

why do this to your brewery? I've never been a fan of the seasonal---scratch--holiday beers that match flavor to the current holiday (pumpkin and thanksgiving, gingerbread/nutmeg and christmas).


  1. the only disagreement i have are two instances: Schlafly's pumpkin ale (which i know church key did not like and is barely forgiveable) and schlafly's stout that comes out around St. Patrick's day. i can't remember the name but has a green label and a little celtic knot on it. those two are delicious.
    Hamster, i know you've got my back on this one.

  2. i don't like Christmas and Thanksgiving beers.

  3. the nazis didn't like christmas either.