Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is it really worth it?

I'll make it quick...went to a Cardinals game today, awesome game. 7-1 Cards over Cubbies - is it September already?

So many plastic beer bottles floating around, all AB products.
I love beer. When I'm at a game I want to drink a beer. But is it really worth $7.50 for ONE Bud Select? People will down several in a game!

I will sacrifice 3 hours of no beer during a game to have $22.50 for good beer after the game.


  1. church key - write me at this address:

    i have a beer at the ballpark story to send you.

    ps. you made the right call. i remember one time at a royals game watching a dude spend nearly $35 so five guys could drink a single plastic bottle of bud light each.

    one other time i saw two business guys on a plane spend $10 on two cans of bud light.

    them's better be the best frickin' bud lights in the history of bud-dom, bra.

  2. the score was 8-2, church key.

    where were you after the grand slam?

    you are right, though. i don't have the money to pay for a game, let alone drop the money i would have for a sixer on one bud select.

  3. tim bought mine

    --perscription (i couldn't get signed in??)

  4. Baker, after the grand slam I was no longer paying attention to the game or the score. I was in heaven...