Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's almost here...

Do you have what it takes?

Here's a checklist to see:


-a crew

-a good liquor store

See you in May!


  1. yessir. i likes what i see.
    We can chat this up during the cards game next saturday. how do we determine who gets put into the bracket and which beers are paired against each other? should it be a random draw from a bowl of names? Do we pair ales vs. ales and the like because would it really be fair to have ipa's against stouts, for example?

    i'd love to hear other's ideas of how to get this thang started.

  2. we're going to have a beer bracket similar to march madness where each beer goes head to head against another and it is a double elimination setup.

  3. I was thinking blind draw from a bowl of names, grouped by style. We could have a bracket for each style. We could also get specific, "best beer from Milwaukee" or "best beer for under $10".

  4. i assume you mean best 6er under 10 bucks.

  5. I think blind tastings are a must to ensure that there are no victories based on pretty packaging or nostalgic bias. This way, the best brew will hopefully win. Are you planning to put 16 similar beers in a bracket, then start a new bracket after that one has declared a winner? We will definetly have to do this in groups to keep the cost down. Maybe a sweet 16 of brews each month?

  6. Yes, Yes, and Yes.
    We have 2 weeks to get this hammered out.
    Brackets can be found at or something like that.

    Local clubs can do their own sweet 16 if they want. However, I would like to get a few global brackets for IPAs, Pale Ales, Porters...

    Hops...what do you think about running this somewhat like the sweet 16 on the Dave Glover Show?