Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not Shaken, Not Stirred

I picked up Quantum of Solace this weekend because i like Bond movies. I like Bond movies even though i am usually disappointed, or have been with the last few i have seen. Anyways, my wife and i have very different tastes in films; she wanting drama or something foriegn and I wanting action or cheesy comedy. This causes troubles, but luckily this time i put up a slight protest to Seven Pounds or Changeling which were Ashley's choices. She wasn't particularly intersted in pushing it so she gave me the go-aheah, and this was mostly because i let her get what she wants nearly every time and reserve ones i want for when she is gone babysitting or out of town for something school-related.

Before going home we went to Whole Foods to use a gift card. As i stood in front of the beer, which sat tempting me, i had to ask myself a question: What do i want to drink while watching Bond? I prefer IPA's as a general rule, but also find them a bit intense in comparison to other types. I initially wanted to get something easygoing. This was determined because i would be digesting action packed suspense and needed to wash it down with something light. But, then i see ODell's IPA, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, and Boulevard Single Wide IPA.

Crap, i say to myself. How can i be ok with passing one of these up for a light ale or lager? Then it catches my eye....Bell's Oberon. Ok, i like this stuff. I look at the IPA's and then at the Oberon, then back at the Elephant kicking on the ODell's box, then at that friendly and cheery sun with bright contrast over a beautiful blue.

I thought about what my friends would think as i drove home with a cool 6er of Oberon and Daniel Craig looking back at me with a gun and a nasty semi grin.

The movie had action, sure. Bond did a girl or two, and that was to be expected. Did he crash cars? yes. Did he disregard other people and throw a friend's dead body into a trash can explaining to an attractive brunette "he wouldn't care." Oh, yes. Did i feel in the least bit bad about it? Hells no, because i didn't have to look down and say, "Shit, why didn't i get something less punchy and a bit more mellow?"

I was as happy as a baby, a little princess baby. And that Odell Elephant can kick up a storm if she wants to but I felt the sun of Oberon on my face and warmth in my belly.


  1. Oberon is good. Quantum of Solace is, as was expected, a dissappointment...and 7 Pounds, sorry Matt, was much better...of course this is coming from the Anti-Two-Heart Guy.

  2. Right.

    well, i usually dislike the feel-good drama, which i was assuming fit for the Seven Pounds movie. But, what do i know.

  3. I too had a tough decision at Bob's liqour last Thursday (I was asked several times if I needed any help). I decided on the kicking elephant.

    Cheers to good decisions!

  4. I watched Twilight last night with my wife...I wish I HAD chosen to drink a double IPA to pull my attention AWAY from the movie.

  5. Not to push this to a movie critique, but for what it's worth, 7 Pounds is one of those monumental, "Shawshank Redemption"-esque movies. Epic.
    I've never had the Oberon, but have wanted to. The sun makes me think "summer beer", but the Bell's makes me fear "big malty beer", so the two have never jived with me, despite my love of many things Bell's.
    Enjoyed the writing, Baker.

  6. ok, you're tugging on my heartstrings here. Shawshank IS my favorite movie ever. So, now we have a problem because, for me, that is quite a hype for a film that i really hadn't heard any buzz over. Now, in all fairness, Shawshank was not received well when it came out either but grew in popularity.
    i will commit to see this if you commit to try the Oberon. I doubt very seriously that you will walk away thinking big malt anything.

  7. I had Oberon for the first time the other night and didn't think big malt beer. I felt it was very big for a summer wheat beer - a great beer for someone looking to break away from the Blue Moon bandwagon.

  8. baker - i will comment on oberon in a post specifically for you in the next few days.

    sir scott - i am shocked and slightly appalled that you have never tasted the liquid heaven of an oberon. i love the stuff. LOVE THE STUFF!

    both of you - i liked SEVEN POUNDS. i did not love SEVEN POUNDS. will smith can make me believe anything. God forbid will smith become a televangelist for a wicked hamster-eating cult. regardless and whatever, i did love THE TOXIC AVENGER, which i just saw this past weekend. do with that what you will.