Friday, March 6, 2009

The Cheaps - PBR vs. Dirt Cheap (not copying the Hamster)

A little insight, Dirt Cheap is a beer sold at Dirt Cheap stores which also sell cheap tobacco and liquor products.

Price: Dirt Cheap runs $2.99 a sixer - PBR runs $5. 79 for a 12 point (2.89 a sixer - BOOM bitch!)

I participated in a blind taste test with the Baker, the goal was determine the better beer, between the D.C. and PBR.

I left the room while Baker poured the samples and vice versa.

Our impressions were as follows:

Ok folks, Brew #1 boasted a cheery light yellow hue with a non-substantial froth of popping bubble delight. This beer smelled like a Bud. Slightly sour with a stong scent of alcohol infused liquid. Crisp and light. tasted very grainy, is it barley? Not sweet but had slightly bitter notes but not like an IPA,..much softer. I liked it. It was definitely worth the price.

#2: Much sweeter smell. It in fact was far sweeter than the first, richer with a bigger flavor profile. It was up front and noticable wheras the first made taste several times before writing. I was impressed with the larger and more pronounced flavor surge for such a cheap beer. I was not a fan of the sweetness, however. It reminded me of a Samiclaus but diluted and much less intense overall. I did not like this beer as much as the first.

I guessed that the first was PBR, and the second was Dirt Cheap. I was right. I was happy about this. It meant PBR was raised a bit in my opinion. Cheap...yes. Pretty good..surprisingly, yes.

Church Key: (in fewer words)
A - heavy carbonation. Mellow taste. Not clean. Made me think Multi-Grain. Burned my mouth a bit. A little sprinkle of hops, maybe a pinch or a dash. Original brewers maybe were afraid of hops and used it as a seasoner. I liked it though. It reminded me of a Bud or Busch.

B - SWEET. It brought back horrible memories of Samichlaus and Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout. Malty. Diluted. I liked A better.

I guessed A was PBR and B was Dirt Cheap. I was right. Ding Ding Ding.
How awesome, $2.89 for a sixer of Good bad beer. In a pinch I will always choose PBR. I mean it's distinguished flavor is the name. Pabst beer received a Blue Ribbon in 18(74?) for best lager and again in 2006.
I know that at a certain Bluegrass and BBQ joint in Knoxville TN PBR is the only beer served. On tap, not too shabby.


  1. i'm sipping this schlitz guilt free.

  2. and you should. What does Schlitz run for down at the Piggly Wiggly?

  3. i bought 12 schlitz's for $6.?? last night. i like the kiss of the hops. it's a filthy beer, but i'm a filthy girl.

    i mean...

    this post made me very happy. i want to throw mardi gras beads at you both. high fives!

  4. i know some beers that are double...dare i say, even triple the price of pbr...that would not satisfy me like a pbr.