Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slummin It At the Tin Can

Sounds like Kevin and Myles felt our spirit of hanging out with the beers from the wrong side of the track on St. Pat's Day. I will share the happenings of the most recent BEER CLUB meeting through my feeble eyes. We started the night off at the Tin Can. This bar is unique...but the waitress made it unforgettable. Our good friend Matt Brock asked the common question you hear floating around watering holes, "What is the Schlafly Seasonal that you have on tap?" The waitress peered back at Brock perplexed. "It's a beer from Schlafly called 'Seasonal'." Matt kindly tried to lead the waitress toward the realization, "I THINK that they call it 'Seasonal' because they change to a different beer with the seasons." The waitress was not convinced, and proceeded to say, "Well, it's always been called 'Seasonal' since I've been here." BEER CLUB has graced two bars with it's presence, and found no female waitress that knows the difference between piss and pale ale. Dissapointing! Well, since Matt and the server had to agree to disagree, we proceeded to get $4.50 buckets of Milwaukee hop water. First Brock ordered 6 PBR's for the price I paid for one Mighty Arrow. Then, Nate decided to buy a bucket of 6 different brews from the 75 cent menu. Here were his choices: Steel 211, Natural Light, Colt 45, Olympia...and the other two Nate will have to tell you. Point is, we decided to look at the address on the side of the can of each of the Milwaukee brewskies (Natural Light excluded of course) and we realized that the addresses matched perfectly. So, if you brew beer, then put it in a bunch of different types of cans, you can sell it cheap because you will sell a lot (or maybe they are still searching for the one that will win another Blue Ribbon). They all had the distinct sweetness of corn, and made us smile (because of the thrifty price, not the nifty flavor).

Then, we scooted on down the street to Schlafly's Tap Room. Here we were bombarded with unique, tasty brews...and, can you believe it, a knowledgeable server (I'm sure they actually are required to be there). Well, the Pierce City Eagle sat between the Monett Cubs and reminisced about old acquintances. The bartender even stopped to hear one of my stories, and then walked away unsatisfied, with his head down. I'm not that interesting sober, but my stories get even more lame as the alcohol hits the brain. Most times people laugh...cause they are toasted too.

Ahh, BEER CLUB is good.


  1. i loved this post. i liked all the stuff about the seasonal, about the cans, about nifty price verses nifty flavor, and i like the concluding confession.

    a friend called me out publicly last night saying that he does not understand how i can dislike all these fancy craft beers and then enjoy a natty light on saint patty's. the answer is easy: the cheap stuff is made for drinkability and refreshment, not depth of flavor and pride. on the flip side, some of the crafts get a bit too fancy or fail in the process, and i don't have to drink it if i don't like it. i've never met a saltine cracker i didn't like, but i've tasted plenty of nasty fruit cakes. word?

  2. I eat bran flakes every morning...I'd choose those over any fancy man's breakfast. I like how we're speaking in makes me feel Christlike.

  3. analogies are like similes only they don't require the words "like" or "as" and the word has one more syllable. analogies are craft; similes are domestic.

  4. figurative language...yeah, yeah. Here's a formal analogy for you to enjoy: goat cheese, pretzels, and oatmeal stout:heaven::corn beef and cabbage and green beer:hell

  5. Ryan got bucket #2 at the Tin Can. The other 2 brews were Stohl's (which claims to have been around since 1775) and a PBR I believe.
    I think we called the server "Seasonal Sally" - so clueless. WTF, working at a bar and carryin on like she was. She wasn't 21 but like 40. I remember her saying to Brock, "I don't think beer works that way, I think the name of the beer is Seasonal".
    It was a good time. Oh, and the "wedge" salad that Jeremy ordered was a head of lettuce cut in half with salad dressing smeared on top. The crouton was 1/4 piece of seasoned bread.

    $0.75 for beer! Amazing. The mark-up on beer is incredible.

  6. i would be extremely interested in how seasonal sally thinks beer does work.

  7. is it not beer that has been a piece of the Coronal's chicken; not an aging baseball player.