Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I would like to give some props to "the wilderness". I recently sampled an IPA and a stout that he brewed at home...excellent beers for your first time my friend.

The "Paranoid IPA" competes with Dogfish Head's 60 min IPA...seriously (but I don't think the club really cared too much for the 60 min). The flavor was pow-were-ful. Aroma was men-knee-mull.

The "St. Francis Stout" is equivalent to Schlafly's Irish Extra Stout. Viscous.

I'm proud of you man. Keep 'em coming.

I give you 8 Kevin Stills out of 10.


  1. here here.
    i agree. the st. francis stout was the best by far. nice and dark. Rich with a rust colored head. reminded me in aroma and sight of old rasputin. but, the flavor was heavy and creamy. it was a full meal in a glass. delicious!
    the paranoid ipa was better the first time i had it, but was still good with nate. this thing is good for the hops and not so good with the smell and it is a bit on the bland side, as far as other flavors are concerned.
    The Triple Sec Belgian did not do it for me this time. the sediment was too heavy and it had an overwhelming sick, almost molassesesque flavor that was in your face but in more of an annoying way. it was tough, but the other two redeemed it. nice going. i look forward to more in the future.


  2. i would not drink anything that was awarded with kevin still trophies. that dude is a dick.