Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...and I thought I liked beer.

I'll admit it, after being away from Noah all day, he is the only thing I want to think about when I get home...so I may not be a very devoted contributor. I mostly just love IPA and an occasional stout (winters only). Then I simply bide my time through the other beers waiting for another ale. So, now I will rate the beers we tried in my basement...before we have another sampling session, and I forget.

Three Floyds Alpha King
Mendocino IPA
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
Schlafly coffee stout
Dog Fish Head 60 minute IPA
Founders Dry hopped Ale
Augusta Brewing Co IPA
Samuel Smith Organic Ale
Goose Island Reserve Matilda
Belhaven Wee Heavy
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

As you can see I'm not a huge fan of Rye...

Just had Fort Collins IPA...it's worth a gulp next time we congregate.



  1. i am surprised you put the organic ale so low on the list. hmmm..

    well, i am happy to see you approved of the alpha king as well. i got to looking around and it had won tons of awards. next time we will have their mild ale and irish something. if they go well, i may start falling for that brewery.

  2. I'm still a huge fan of Mendocino right now...I didn't like the organic ale as much as the other Sam Smith beers.

  3. mendocino has pretty labels. all those birds and pastel colors make me feel calm. this is the nicest thing i can say about them.