Friday, February 20, 2009

A few reviews...

Here's my take on some beers that The Baker reviewed a while back

In no particular order...

Steelhead Extra Stout
Mad River Brewing Co

I smelled molasses. Super black (omitting know, "how I like my women..."). Very viscous - it really coated the glass. Smokey flavor at first but in the end, just burnt. Not as sweet as I thought it would be.
Ok taste, I would probably enjoy it at a bar but it wouldn't last to round 2. Not memorable.

W-vleteren at DeStruise Brouwers

A while back I commented that I didn't like holiday beers...I do like this one. I was scared - yes scared of what this nooky would bring. Heaps of nutmeg and cinnamon maybe? How I hate beers with all spice.

What I found: in between a wheat & amber ale...a blonde amber
Whiskey was present and guiding the ship. A little spice but it was coated over in the mid-taste.

I wish I had the bottle to myself - damn Baker.

Dogfish Head 90 min Imperial IPA

10 x smoother than the 60min IPA - well, 1.5 x smoother (60x1.5=90)
good hops and flowers
Cleaner than 60 min, Clean in appearance, Very Clean...CLEAN
but not as clean as Alpha King
I really liked it. I'm wondering where Best Beer in America came from - I don't know if I would say THE best but it would make my list of best beerSZ-uh

3 Floyds Pride & Joy Mild Ale
an intimidating aroma from the get go- MILD? I thought. But once I tasted this philly, the brain was firing and misfiring until I could figure it out...Alpha King. That's all it is...Alpha King. One of the Floyds must have messed up the brew and tried to salvage the lot. Heck, why not, it's a good business decision. AB does it all the time.
I did notice a stronger wheat presence here in the Pride & Joy. Not a fan.
Not my Pride & Joy

Great Divide Hibernation Ale
Smells like Fireside Nut Brown Ale (see earlier review)
Tastes similar to Fireside Nut Brown Ale
Thick caramel, rich
a little bitter, smokey

As I got further into the beer I became confused. Is it a porter? ale? stout? it's darker than the nut brown ale. Do I taste scotch?

an ok beer. I would drink it again in sub-zero temps.

3 Floyds Robert the Bruce Scottish Style Ale
I do like me some Scottish Style Ale. It filled my glass like a DARK glass of iced tea. Robby Bruce crossed the tongue and was at the back end wielding his big whiskey sword before I noticed. smooth.

Founders Centennial IPA
Tan like my wife's legs...before we were married.
Smell was mild yet still had the fruity/citrusy/floral aroma.
It's aggressive, quick, and clean. Similar to Founders APA but not as clean.
It's a good IPA. Right in the middle.

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