Friday, February 13, 2009


i'm just not even gonna lie about it: i keep a little miller high life around the fridgedaire as a homework lubricant. high life is light, clean, refreshing, low in alcohol and attention stealing flavor profiles. it's like drinking soda, but without all that sugar and caffeine. or, more precisely, it's like drinking water, but without all that hydration. i love me some miller high life. and at $5 a sixer, grad students can strap a couple to their book bag e'erday the week. here's to getting smarter the funner way. cheers!


  1. your confessions are getting more and more concerning. any more of this, and i'm going to schedule an intervention.

  2. baker - all that reading and writing trickles through the velvet crushed bunny rabbit of the brain way smoother with a little beer. and the littler the beer, the bigger the studies.

    just remember, baker: you invited me here.

  3. and i'm glad i did.

    i was unaware of the amount of tasteless beer you consume, that is for sure. perhaps you cannot appreciate the king beers unless you are periodically reminding youself of the townfolk. maybe i should re-address some that i don't give a second thought to at the store.

    some beer is better than no beer, i'll give you that. i never drank while working on school related stuff so i have no frame of reference.

    ok, now for my confession. Last semester after a party where about 15 girls were at my house, there were about 15 michelob ultra in my fridge. i drank every one while painting two abstract paintings. they were portraits of myself and my wife in cubism. i enjoyed the lightness and it provided a pleasant atmosphere for being creative.

    with that said, i did not buy them, nor have i consumed one or purchased one since. and i don't plan to. i'd rather make myself some tea if i need something but don't want lots of fizz or sugar instead of having a crappy beer.

    back when i hadn't drank much, i thought all beer tasted bad and tasted the same. now that i can tell differences and like a lot of what i have, i dislike certain beers more than in the beginning. I would rather have water than some beers. bad beer is not precious to me in the least.

  4. notice how i contradict myself?
    sometimes no beer is better if the options are poor. i stand by that.

  5. baker - i do not drink bad beer. by that, i mean, i enjoy every beer that i drink on some level. for instance, there is a great deal of enjoyment to be had from the domestic section. a frickin' cold miller high life has that beautifully light lager flavor that i find gloriously complimentary to rigorous mental or physical labors. i also actually enjoy the hell outta good cold michelob ultra. i have a friend on a health kick that stocks his fridge with ultra, and i've learned to enjoy them in our visits. (i've also learned to taut over a sixer of boulevard lunar - which my friend loves - or some new belguim anything for a bit more flavor. i'm not a total chump.) i would never purchase ultra because it's butt-ass expensive. i can buy a 12-er of PBR for the price of 6 ultras. schyea right. part of my beer snobbishness comes in realizes that i simply love beer, and there are very few beers i refuse to drink. that post will come soon.

  6. ahh, "beers I refuse to drink" that will be a fun read. I will begin to compile my short list...I mean, if someone GIVES me a beer, it's gotta really blow for me not to drink it.

  7. I do hate barleywine...if that counts as a beer. I don't like beers that taste a lot like grains (if that is the right way to describe it). I adore hop flavors, citrus, smoke, chocolate, coffee... but can't enjoy a beer that tastes like the inside of a feed bag from my grandpa's farm.

  8. dude, i love me some barleywine. good stuff in excessive moderation (one every few months). even so, i love the line "inside of a feed bag from my grandpa's farm." nice.