Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A New Round

Church Key and i sampled some junk recently, i'm not in a terribly clever mood, so here is a little something:

Three Floyds Pride and Joy

A decent Ale. Smells very similar to Alpha King. Strong hints of bitterness and honestly tastes to me like a milder version of Alpha King. It tastes like the same recipe, just cooked for less time. Hops are present but hit first and then fade into citris notes. Not as good as others by this brewery that i have had, but still very good.

Tsjeeses No. 11 X-mas Brew

Creamy soft-white head. Somewhat sweet and sour. It smells sugary and tastes like is has a mild whiskey in it. Scents of honey-suckle. minimal hops. I'd equate to a port but a beer. It would be good for dessert. All in all, not worth the money.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

Large hops smell, bitter aroma, and hints of a bear in the bottle. Very rich with caramel and malts. I do think that it is fairly smooth even though the hops taste the strongest at the end. It makes the 60 minute seem so much worse. Not harsh or brutal. Very clean finish and a bready aftertaste. Hops are noticable but it is less of an ipa than i would have anticipated. Like i said, the hops come last and goes from sweet to hop. Full-bodied. It is dry-hopped according to the bottle. Hamster, i couldn't disagree with you any more about this beer. i thought it was amazing. I can't wait to have it on tap. It seems strange to me that it was not consistent for you. hmm.

Mad River Steelhead Extra Stout

Dark Brown head, thick black in the bottle and looks/smells very similar to Old Rasputin. Somewhat smoky. Not terribly sweet but not bitter either. Lack of strong flavor and smells better than it tastes. Not bad, but i won't look for it again. It's just not memorable other than a bit woody tasting. I spent the entire time straining to try to get the flavor.

Great Divide Hibernation Ale

Smells like uncooked brownie mix and it tastes exactly like i anticipated. Very even and singular. Thick and unrelenting. Either you like it or you don't. There is no middle ground with this beer. It is the same all the way through. Needs more of a cream flavor. Viscous. Looks like a dark amber ale--not as dark as a porter and darker than a nut brown ale. this would be nice for winter or fall and the name hints at this. I wouldn't mind holing up and waiting it out with this one. I do want to give it another try though before i am set on my opinion.

Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre

This beer was light brown and smelled very green if that makes sense. Very malty beer and tasted like the malts were overcooked. I almost didn't finish this one. It is my least favorite of the ones i've tried so far and i even rank the 60 minute higher even though that thing had the smoothness of a rusty barbed wire fense.

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

This beer tasted more like a stout than an ale. I honestly don't know what the difference is. Anyways, this beer smelled rich and was very good. It was quite malty and the hops were muttled and not the showcase here. I would feel very comfortable recommending this to others. It tastes similar to something else i have had, but i can't figure it out. Sorry.


  1. THREE FLOYDS PRIDE AND JOY - never had it. never had anything by this brewery. i wanted to point out a note you made about the brewery, that "Not as good as others by this brewery that i have had, but still very good." isn't it great when you find a brewery that the worst beer is still quite good? rare. so rare. that's how i feel about bell's and boulder brewing and stone and bear republic. you've got me stoked for some three floyds.

    90 MINUTE - i'm not sure what you overly disagree with me about. alls i was saying is that my experiences have been inconsistent, and none of them have been overly memorable.

    HIBERNATION - loved it. great to drink warmish when your coldish outside and bundled up.

    DOGFISH INDIAN BROWN - you taunt me. this review made my mouth water. a stoutish ale? beautiful.

  2. what i was disagreeing about was that this beer could be anything but a joy. (90 minute).
    i can't say this for certain, but if my next experience with this beer is as good as the first, it will jump into my top 3 ipa's list.
    what i'm saying is that this was more than memorable, it actually burned into my cerebral cortex.
    i liked it way better than the hibernation and to me is smoother than the two-hearted, which i praise, but is not easiest to swallow more than one at a time due to the hop artillary it packs.
    i have only had Alpha King and Pride and Joy from three floyds, so in all fairness, i haven't had much from them. Church Key just tried their irish style ale and i'm waiting to hear what he thinks. I will say that after having Alpha king on 3 occasions, twice in a bottle and once on tap, it is one of my favorite ales! Listen, that is saying a whole lot. i've got to get you some stuff to try.

    i also have to say that as far as breweries are concerned, i have not been impressed by bear republic. can you direct me to something else other than racer 5 and hop rod rye. neither of these did it for me, and all we can get round here is the 4-8 dollar bottles. i hesitate to drop that on something i am already a bit skeptical of.

  3. three floyds is out of munster, indiana. if you do some research, you might find it around you. you always amaze me by the things you say you can get in your area...

  4. dude, i think you and bear republic may just not jive turkeys. that is okay. you are not to be ostracized from the community or sent out into the loser colony. you just don't have any taste. for bear republic, i mean.

    as a last go with bear republic, however, try the XL pale ale. again, it will be in a bomber, but i found it quite delightful. not too overpowering, but not wussy either. a nice balance. i'd have one right now for breakfast if the boss allowed me to come in so uplifted.