Saturday, February 14, 2009

hop up and down if you like hops (the long trip to india war)

i am compiling a group of ipa's to shower my taste buds in. i am choosing ipa's that i have indulged in before, and some that i haven't, but need to try. the plan is to go on a drinking plan of 1 ipa a day, for as many days as i have variations of the hoppy goodness. i am looking for suggestions from my peers to add to my list. so far, this is what i have:

*Fort Collins IPA (i tried this for the first time last week. it is one of my favorite ipa's to date, and i want to see how it stands up to the others).

*Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (tried this one a couple of weeks ago...if i remember right, it had too much malt flavor and not enough hops flavor...kinda like a regular pale ale)

*Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA (haven't tried this one, but the reviews from Church Key have me does the "best beer in america" claim on the 4 pack)

*Bell's 2 Hearted Ale (just had one last night...hoppy, yes, but less citrus flavors than Fort Collins...i like the citrus after taste better than the malty after taste)

*O'Fallon 5 Day IPA (another beer with citrus hints...haven't had it in a couple of months, but i have fond memories)

*Goose Island IPA (haven't had this one since last summer. i remember enjoying it. smooth hop flavor, and not a lot of malt flavor...which makes me smile)

*Mendocino IPA (and hopefully the winter imperial ipa...if i can still get it...another one of my favorites, the imperial ipa)

*O'Dells IPA (high alcohol level, very happy...or hoppy...or happy!)

it would be nice to have another sampling of Alpha King to add to the mix, but i can't get it in missouri...maybe my father-in-law can supply me.

i am not skilled in writing reviews of the various unique flavors in the beers i drink. i discussed this with my wife over a nicely cooked filet and green beans last night. the flavors in beer are so unique, that i often cannot equate them to other tastes...and i came to the conclusion that i am fine with my reviews of "it's awesome," "it's good," "it's bad," etc. all i want to do is find the liquids i like the most, and return to them often.

your suggestions...


  1. i said this in my post about 90 minute Dogfish Head: (haven't tried this one, but the reviews from Church Key have me does the "best beer in america" claim on the 4 pack)
    I would like to apologize to The Baker for giving credit to Church Key for his review. This Church Key guy might have helped you drink, but did he help you write the review?...just wanted to make things right.

  2. thank you for including the o'fallon 5 day ipa: i frickin' love that beer. very nice. highly overlooked.

    i'd add a few ipa's to that list:

    widemer's broken halo ipa
    boulder's mojo ipa
    stone ruination ipa

    i'd be happy with these three in constant rotation. with a little two-hearted and 5 day tossed in for posterity.

    my goodness, i do love a good citrus hop.

    anyone have a take on bridgeport ipa? i used to love the trash out of that beer. now i just feel like it's trash. at one time it was overly floral; now it tastes like metallica. any thoughts? hello?

  3. i've never had bridgeport ipa...i've seen it, but never sipped it. can you get ofallon down in's something for st. louis to be proud of! thanks for the suggestions. have you ever tried the fort collins ipa? it...quickly. odell's is one of tim wilson's favorites...he shares it with me sometimes...try it too, if you haven't.

  4. oh, yeah, how could i forget hop ottin...i'll get a big bottle of that.

  5. i do remember liking the fort collins. don't exactly recall the flavorings. had a single bottle at a buddies house in kc about a year or so ago. all i remember was sipping, saying "damn", and then wishing i could drink more of fort collins ipa on a regular basis.

    same story with the o'dells ipa, although i think i went a bit more cuckoo for the o'dells. that shit is tight!

  6. go for

    Bell's hopslam
    Boulevard Single wide IPA
    Sierra Nevada Torpedo Double IPA
    Odell's IPA is fantastic

    if you like citrisy ipa's you will like hopslam

    i just tried the torpedo last night and liked it.

    this isn't an ipa, but if you haven't had schlafly's irish double stout yet, go get some because it isn't out for very long. It hit stores 2 days ago.

    Hamster, if you read this, i am saving some for you.

  7. Since I haven't actually TRIED the Fort Collins IPA yet, I restrain the cries of "blasphemy" that are clogging my throat. I know of no finer example of citrusy goodness than Bell's Two Hearted Ale.
    I have to say that I've never been impressed by anything from Fort Collins, so I've never given the IPA a chance. ...and the only prescription is more hops, your credibility will be on the line with this purchase. :-)
    I'm adding this to my shopping list for tonight.