Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Beer Club's new headquarters?

Hey Club,
Last night I visited Growler's on S. Lindbergh. It was my first time. I felt at home. It was beautiful. Nothing fancy. A great respect for beer at that establishment. Great selection on draught (at least 30) and in bottle (# unknown). Any draught can be served in a taster, regular, large, and growler. 6 tasters for $9.50 (all tasters individually are $2). Monday-Friday Large draughts are $1.00 off (until 7p). Buy One Get One free appetizers. The food was good.

I joined Growler's Royal Taster's Club. Along the way of tasting all 131 beers, I get a t-shirt, hat, gift cards, name on the wall, and personalized mug that Growler's will fill for a reduced cost.

While eating my turkey medallions, taking in the atmosphere, reading the antique beer signs, it hit me. My head entered a fog. I could see the wife talking but heard only silence. A tear slowly traveled down my cheek. I have a job to do. It's going to take a lot of work.

I WILL CLIMB TO THE TOP. I WILL GET MY NAME ON THE WALL. I WILL GET $15 OF MY $650 BACK (130 beers x approx. $5 a beer = $650; Growlers gives $15 in gift cards after so many beers). GROWLERS WILL KNOW MY NAME! and MY MUG!

I need your support as I embark on my vision quest.

I had the O'Fallon 5 day IPA. A great beer. I'm proud of this beer. From now on when people ask "What's great about St. Louis?" I'll respond, "The O'Fallon 5 day IPA".


  1. nice call. i applaud you oh pioneer!
    If the cash weren't so tight, i'd join you. i'm impressed with such an extensive and financially committed goal. this is an expedition, and i shall walk with you Mr. Clark. I will not be Lewis, however, but York.. the first African man to walk across North America. HE was pivotal in their success, but he took orders.
    i'm right behind you buddy.

  2. Ahh, the 5 Day IPA...I still remember the first time I tried that 2 years ago...we have to go to the O'Fallon Brewery some time...I've never been. I have been to Growlers a couple of times. I think Hamster, if I heard correctly, is a member of the Growlers Club...actually, you could call him a graduate...and I think he saved a PBR for his final brew...maybe I dreamed that?...Growlers is definetly closer to all of us...and it is more our style...