Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I think all of us were in agreement here. ITAP was a bad choice. They do not have what they advertise, the place has no character, it is one half of a bar and the other half a cooler from Liquor World. The beer was too expensive, the waitresses were unknowledgable, unapologetic, and seemed to be annoyed that we were talking about the beer we were drinking.

Here's what i had:

Southern Tier Hoppe
Chimay Trippel
Trois Pistoles
O'Fallon Cocoa Cream Stout
O'Fallon 5-day IPA
New Belgium Mighty Arrow

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Southern Tier Hoppe, Chimay Trippel, and Trois Pistoles were the trois deboires. (three disappointments)

New Belgium Mighty Arrow:
I really liked this guy. It tasted light and like it was filtered through rice krispy treats. I will enjoy drinking this outside as the weather begins to warm up. I can't wait for that.

O'Fallon IPA: I think Church key said about all of it, this thing is good. It is well balanced and is just what i want in an ipa.

Cocoa Cream Stout: I agree with Hops Prescription. this was not very creamy but very good. it was very rich, and we were both happy that we saved it for last.

there is going to be an 80's dance party at my place on friday. There will be approximately 20 female grad students and 5 guys. I am looking forward to what is left in my fridge. Last time it was 15 michelob ultra and 3 bacardi silver's.

i'm hoping something better is left this time.


  1. I sense excitement about the 80s party. What is so exciting? the 20 female grads, the 5 guys, or having michelob ultra and bacardi silver left over in your fridge?
    Either way it's just wrong.

  2. having beer i don't have to pay for. otherwise, i have no beer. the more people that come, the more alcohol is brought. this equals more left in my fridge.

  3. It's exciting because the 80's were the most radical decade ever!

  4. i'm sorry, did you just say "cocoa cream stout"? by o'fallon?

    shit. i have to get to the midwest soon.

  5. kevo, send me your address, and maybe something special will show up on your doorstep...and i don't mean a bag full of flaming dog shit...i mean...???