Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i found the following review of bell's oberon in my little pocket notebook today while disposed in the men's room with no other reading material to bide my time. before the review, let me just say that this beer, this ridiculously bright and cheery liquid springtime poetic splash, is one of my favorites by this company. swirl this bottle, pour it slow and watch the sift of a citrusy onslaught gush river-rapid into the sea-bottom of your awaiting pint glass. thank You, Lord, for oberon even out of season.

* * * 

October 25, 2008
Seth Haines' porch / Matt Brock officiating / children in exclamation / women awesome

OBERON - bright orange color. slanted fractions of yellows and reds pierce through the beer unexpected and strobelike. sediment heavy bottom - call me "bottom-dweller."citrus and banana aromas. summertime in a glass. pure wispy tall grass and fresh laundry flavor. roadtrip windows down and prolonging the destination aftertaste. big. as always. 


  1. I remember the first time you came to my house after you moved to St. Louis...I unknowingly bribed you into friendship with 2 cold Oberons.

  2. i haven't moved to saint louis. however, when i visit, you can meet me with two anythings (as long as they are not bud lights). i like your home. your wife. your familial vibe, mr. kellhofer. we might have some shit to chat.

  3. i think he was directing that comment towards me, but no matter. I too love the Oberon. It is so refreshing. Speaking of "little pocket notebook", Hamster--what has become of the beer label little black book?

  4. dude, i'm glad you mentioned that book. yes, sir, it's filled up and ready for seth haines' hands. will be in the mail next monday or wednesday. (work on tuesday hinders me from making it to the post office).

    see, i kinda thought that ...andtheonlyprescription was talking to you, but i didn't know if i should take it as some prophetic word about my future hometown. so i just accepted it, bra.

  5. i hope it was prophetic.
    i hope i can witness it.

  6. i'm a dork...i will offer to share brewskies with anyone that crosses the threshold of my house in search of good conversation. i was refering to matt, sorry. kevin, stop by and we'll see what happens.

  7. It's time for me to talk. i must admit that i have felt very malty lately--extremely malty in fact. So much so that I refused to drink the Stone IPA that was aging quite nicely in my vegetable crisper. two nights ago, i caved.

    oh. my.

    the stuff is pure heaven. you know that "bite" that accompanies so many hoppy beers? not there. not even a hint of bite. it went down like a hoppy-velveteen blanket, although i'm not sure how one downs a velveteen blanket. interesting for a beer i affectionately referred to as the "hop-bomb." i must say it was




    feeling the need for hops and seeing the spring offerings coming in the door, i grabbed the SN's ESB. i wish i had not.

    i need more Stone. and i need it now.

  8. hahahhaahha.
    we'll see what happens.
    that crap is funny.
    i know exactly what would happen,... a shit load of fun, that's what.

  9. comments got a little out of order